Sunday, April 10, 2011

Retro 71


This week’s Retro 71 concept is another design based on the classic Disney Theme Park souvenir bags. Epcot Center merchandising used this particular bag design back in the early 80's. It mimics the same off-set style seen on other Disney Resort bags from a few years earlier, which I've already worked into a shirt design a few months back. The original bag’s color palette uses periwinkle purples, burnt reds, golden rod yellows and bright oranges. The overall design is a perfect transition between the late 70's and early 80's.

Recreating the graphic in Illustrator would have given this design a crisp new look, so I opted to distress and texture the design before turning it into a vector in order to pay homage to the fact the art came from a paper bag. Most of the bags still floating around from this time period have seen some wear and tear, and I wanted to reflect said wear with this design instead of just recreating it. Also, I wanted to retain that off-set registration look. I decided to change the color palette up by replacing the purple with a brighter aqua and by using a gradient of vintage colors seen in other Epcot Center branding from the time period.

Overall I think it's one of my favorite Retro 71 designs, but then again I'm a little partial to all of them. That concludes this week’s Retro 71 segment. I look forward to seeing you back on Friday for a new Designerland Case Study. Have a good week and see you soon!