Saturday, August 25, 2012

Citrus Swirl Part 2

Welcome back to a special edition of Retro '71. 

Since the launch of Designerland, I have published around fifty-eight shirt concepts. To date, fifty-seven of them are still exactly that: concepts. I have only printed one design to offer for sale. On occasion, I receive emails from my readers asking why I don’t make more shirts available for purchase, and the answer is simple: I am revamping copyrighted material which is the property of Disney. The purpose of these posts is to share my vision of how the Disney images of yesterday can be repackaged for today’s audience. These are just the musings of a dreamer who draws his inspiration from one of the biggest dreamers of all time.

Graphic designers are creative problem solvers and that's what I intend to keep doing, solving the problems of how to repackage iconic Disney images from the past for us fans of today.  When I scan, re-illustrate and manipulate existent images, I will continue—as I always have—to give credit to my sources rather than try to pass the image off as my own work. Because that’s what’s right.

It came to my attention that someone else has turned my original citrus swirl shirt into reality. They made a few small changes to it in order to justify it being different and their own concept but the changes weren't great enough. They failed at solving the creative problem of taking inspiration from my shirt and creating something new and different.

This week I decided to show how an old concept of mine can be re-imagined to be something new and different!

With the reopening of the Sunshine Tree Terrace a new font palette was introduced. The new display typography was showcased throughout various merchandise offerings done by those amazing designers over at the DDG! I knew that my typography as seen on my first citrus swirl shirt needed updated to align what what is seen in the parks today.

The cone was removed after many said that they preferred the swirl in a cup. I know it's offered both ways and it's your preference to choose which way you like it. However, since my last shirt had a cone I opted for the cup in this new layout.  

The original cups of the Walt Disney World Resort where not simple solid cups as seen in my design. Instead they looked more like the paper cup Kevin and Jody redesigned for the 40th. With the classic castle icon on one side and the D/globe ears logo on the opposite, all printed in oranges and blues. 
I didn't need to really "gild the lily" as Walt would say and try to jam pack all the design information into a small space so I opted not to include it. A good designer knows when the message is received. It would of been overkill to include all of those elements and there is such as thing as over-plussing!

Hope you guys enjoy the new take. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a new Designerland Typography case study as we look at the amazing fonts found at Walt Disney's Contemporary Resort. See you tomorrow!