Monday, November 14, 2011

The American Adventure


Welcome back to another edition of the Retro '71 Apparel Line. This week we'll continue our Journey around the World Showcase with our next stop being The American Adventure.

Stately Georgian architecture welcomes us to The American Adventure, which is proudly presented as "host" to the nations of World Showcase.

Inside, you'll find paintings portraying the Spirits of American, and in the main theater, a Disney theatrical production that tells the inspiring story of America. Here, on stage of sweeping dimensions, we can witness the pivotal events and meet the "dreamers and doers" who helped shape the American nation. Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain - two of America's most eloquent spokesmen - lead a cast of more than 30 historic figures "brought to life" to recount America's hard-won achievements and preview her boundless future.

Following suit, this week’s design incorporates The American Adventure logo in a similar fashion as the previous shirts. The colors are inspired by the United States flag . Finishing the design is some slight wear and tear with a textured finish, which ties it into the branding and overall vision of the Retro '71 apparel line.

Well that does it for this week’s edition of the World Showcase shirts. I'm glad to be back, even if it's only for a few short hours! Looking forward to seeing you back here soon for more fun Designerland posts. Thanks for visiting and have a swell week.

In the wild...continued

Here are a few more fellow Designerland followers sporting their amazing Tiki Pineapple Whip shirts.
Thanks for the support and sending these fun photos my way! Mahalo!


Back for a bit

Well guys I'm back for a short bit. I want to thank all of you've personally contacted me to see if I was okay since I hadn't been posting regularly. Things are good on my end, busy. . . but good.  You may be asking yourselves what's been taking up so much of my time? Well I can tell you all good things.

For starters I have been freelancing for the Design Design Group down in Orlando working on some killer new park merchandise that will soon be hitting shelves. It's been a blast. Don't ask what it just have to wait. I've also been asked to join the amazing group of artists at the KC Sanders art gallery in developing new art pieces for both Disney and DreamWorks Animation properties. So hold tight you may end up seeing some of your favorite Designerland designs available to buy here in the near future. I've also been working a bit with the Disney Studios on a few side projects. Other than that, teaching typography and working my full time job.

I'm actually under the weather and took the day off and found myself having a bit of time to give you an update and a new Retro '71 shirt concept. I have a few more typography case studies left for the Magic Kingdom but not sure when we'll get back to those since they do take more time in researching, designing and writing about.

Thanks again for sticking with me!