Sunday, April 1, 2012

Retro '71


Welcome back to another edition of our vintage vacation wear with a retro flair. For this weeks shirt I had the idea of honoring one of the unsung heroes of the Walt Disney World Resort; The Seven Seas Lagoon. I come from a time when I can remember spending ours playing on the sandy white beaches and taking a quick dip in the Lagoon to cool off from those humid Orlando afternoons. What better way to pay homage than with it's very own Retro '71 shirt.

I wanted to design a more masculine concept that played upon the notion of a fictitious activity guests partook in while vacationing at the resort while also bordering on tongue in cheek humor. I came up with the idea of using a scuba diving team. . .basically for a slight play on alliteration. I can image the daily activity being one of the Polynesian Village perks and guests diving down into the clean, crystal depths of the Lagoon to discover sunken Spanish Galleons (designed by WED Enterprises) and various undersea life.

Since we all know what today's Seven Seas Lagoon is like, I wanted to also spark the imagination of people who don't remember it in all its glory of what it might have been. The typography palette plays upon display fonts that were used heavily in the 70's along side a retro illustration of a diver. Finishing the design is our worn out, distressed texture. 

What do you guys think? Wait to you see what I have in the vaults for Bay Lake! Well that does it for this edition of Retro '71. I'm happy to report that next Sunday will by our first in a series of three Main Street USA typography case studies. I also have a new, exciting and special segment I'm currently working on for Designerland that I think you will love. Check back soon for more updates and thanks for stopping by. Have a swell week and see ya soon!