Sunday, August 19, 2012

Country Bear Jamboree

Welcome back to Designerland. I hope everyone had a good weekend. This week’s post is a Retro '55 and Retro '71 combined post that I hope you all will enjoy. 

This week’s shirt design honors the beloved attraction The Country Bears Jamboree. Since it was recently announced that the show will undergo a refurbishment, I thought this would be a fitting time to pay tribute. This design is based more specifically on the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown "overlay" designed for Disneyland, which was rolled out in 1986, replacing the original Country Bear Jamboree show. In May of that same year, Walt Disney World decided to change up their classic show by using this same overlay, but in 1992, WDW restored the show to its original glory.

The shirt design is based on Henry's old camp t-shirt he sported in the show, which was meant to look like an old vintage camp tee that he got while a younger cub at Camp Grizzly. The shirt is basically the same design Disney Imagineers came up with plus our time treasured distressed texture.

Could Camp Grizzly be part of a bigger WED/WDI story dating back to the time when The Country Bears and Moonshine Express was in development? Could it somehow be related to Grizzly Peak and Grizzly Gulch? Needless to say, WDI loves using the word Grizzly when developing attractions based on bears and the it all just a coincidence, considering that California's state animal is the Grizzly?

Well that does it for this week’s post. Tune in next week for a new Designerland typography case study and have a swell week!


  1. I wish they sold this. Disneyland used to sell a camp Grizzly shirt, though I don't believe it had anything on the back. Looked just like the one Henry wore. I wish they still sold it, or brought it back, but I'd get rid of the faux weathered finish- no respectable Grizzly scout would wear a shirt that looked that worn. Ranger Woodlore wouldn't allow it.

    1. Eric,

      That's awesome, never knew that actually had a shirt, that makes me super happy. Now if only they kept it around.

      Of course no respectable Grizzly would wear a distressed shirt but the Retro '55 & '71 line is suppose to look like old shirts that Disney had once sold but now lives in a wrack in some thrift shop awaiting a Disney Dork to find it and give it new life!

  2. I, too, would LOVE to own this. All of your apparel is so lovely I would have a closet full of your designs!!

  3. This shirt would be great to have, esp while CBJ is down for "refurb"