Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Rainbow Connection

Just a quick post to let everyone know another one of my shirt designs has been released in the parks.

I was asked to design a simplistic yet nostalgic rainbow shirt for both the Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort. Even though the content and design are minimal, I'm really proud of this shirt. I hope you guys enjoy it and be sure to pick one up!

Special thanks to Micechat and Denise Preskitt for snapping this photo and posting it. Thanks guys!


  1. Didn't realize until this post that some of your shirts were finally getting in the parks! Very cool—about time too! Nice work as always.

  2. Could you provide a sku for the various sizes, so us west coasters can order the shirt by phone? Beautiful shirt!

  3. I have requested. . .hold tight! Thanks!

  4. I have been away from home and without internet for most of the month of May. We did the DCL Hawaii cruise with a few days at DL after the cruise. My daughter flew out to meet us, and she went Mother's Day shopping for me at WoD DL. I opened up my present to find this shirt! I loved the shirt, and while I was surfing waiting for the Animation Academy to open, I decided to get caught up on your blog! I was sooo happy when I discovered the shirt I was wearing that day was one of yours!!! I didn't see anyone walking around the parks with one on, but one of the CMs did comment on it, and I let her know where she could find it. I love the simplicity of it, and I really love the quality of the shirt. It's not one of the lighter weight ones they've been doing recently - it's got a great feel to it. Congrats and thank you!!

  5. I bought this shirt in Disneyland the other day to support you! I really hope that Disney continues to turn to you for designs because I'm absoutely in love with your work.
    For those who asked, the UPC for the size small is 4 00006 62219 8
    and it was $24.95. I hope that helps!

  6. Glad to hear you like the design and you snatched it up! Thanks for the comments and reading Designerland.

  7. do you have anymore of these shirts to buy?

    1. These shirts were a park exclusive. I hear they have the design printed on a red shirt still over at Disney World. Not sure about Disneyland though.