Sunday, March 18, 2012

Retro '71


Welcome back to another fun filled Retro '71 apparel concept. This weeks post ushers in a new series/set of shirts based on the vintage park ticket books. Instead of rolling the concepts out one at a time (since showcasing a new design each week is somewhat pointless because we ALL know what these look like) I decided to just give you the entire set. Begin drooling now!!!! I know I am.

When I started to see the new merch rolling out for the 40th, I hoped a series ticket art shirts would be released...I waited and waited and sadly nothing. I took maters into my own hands. I recreated the lovely display fonts from various images of the tickets I found online...shout out to The Disney Experience site and their nice large size wallpapers! 

I imagine that the parks would never go for an entire series and that most fans would just want the E ticket shirt, but if cleverly packaged in a collectors box and sold as a limited edition set, the fans would willing (I know I would) drop the cash for these shirts. Could you imagine sporting a new ticket shirt each day of the about a Disney wardrobe dream!?!?!?

I placed the design in the lower left of each shirt, mimicking the placement found on each ticket. Since the design is somewhat abstract to non Disney folk I created a back tag that calls out the WHERE and the WHAT. Finishing the design off is our favorite wear and tear texture giving the shirts that vintage touch.

So what do you guys think? Okay well that does it for this weeks post. I have tons more shirt waiting in the wings (enough to take us into November) and those lovely Main Street Typography Case studies which I hope to get out soon. Once again thanks stopping by and have a swell week!