Monday, May 30, 2011

Retro '71

I would like to extend a big thanks to all the visitors and fans that have shown interest in the Adventureland Dole Whip Shirt. At present I have roughly 25 people interested, and if we're going to actually get these printed off, I would need to get that number up to 100 people!  The more people we can get, the lower the cost is for everyone. If you're still serious about the shirt, let's get the news out there. Please help me by hitting up the various Disney forums, Facebook pages, Twitter and so on . . . it's time to summon the twilight bark!!!!! And now on to this week’s post . . .
This week’s Retro '71 shirt is another concept inspired by an old park brochure. Drawing inspiration from the 1981 Walt Disney World Resort brochure, I recreated the Tomorrowland logo. The logo depicts an almost Transformers-like type treatment with its glossy gradients and pairs it with a spaceman Mickey in weightless orbit high above.

When recreating this art, one begins to pick up on subtle clues that the original was hand illustrated/created, such as the weights and heights of the characters are slightly off.
This has been one of the more time-consuming Retro' 71 designs. While I'm happy with the outcome, this design would be rather pricey to actually produce due to the amount of colors used within the design. Remember the more ink, the more money that goes into production. Also, Retro '71 shirts are all water-based inks, and these are more expensive than standard plastisol inks.

Typography is usually the first thing I look at—if the type treatment is unusual, interesting or just plain cool, then the chances are good that I’ll feel compelled to recreate and manipulate the design. However, I really enjoyed recreating the character artwork for a change, and I may add a few others to the line. That about does it for this week—once again, thanks for visiting!