Saturday, May 28, 2011

Color Study


A new color palette has been added to the DisneyDesignerland Kuler account! Before you jump on over to check it out can you guess where this color palette is used?


Give up??? Find out the answer over at Disneydesignerland's Kuler page found here.

Check back for more random updates to Wonderful World of Kuler. See you guys back here on Monday for a new Retro '71 concept.


  1. Great site. Just discovered it via the link on the Trader Sam's Facebook page. I think your blog will battle it out with Imagineering Disney as my favorite design-focused Disney blog.

    One question: what font did you use for "World of Kuler?" Is it Univers?

  2. Awesome! Glad to hear u enjoy my blog and saying its up there with imagineering disney is a honor! The typefaces i use for my headers are from the archer and akzidenz grotesk family. They go well together in that urban hipster minimalist typography now sort of way.