Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Enchanted Tiki Tee

Welcome back to yet another Retro Tee concept. I hope everyone has had a swell weekend. Last week I had such an amazing amount of fan feedback on the Enchanted Tiki Room tee concept that I decided to roll out another concept I've had collecting dust in the wings.

Unlike my typography case studies, I have enough shirt concepts to get me through another two years if I just posted only concepts for apparel but I'm not a one trick pony and typography is my passion. I had some free time this weekend to actually begin tracking down original typefaces and display font used throughout The Land pavilion.  Hopefully, I will be able to find more vintage research...most likely I'll have to break down and use some of todays fonts and typefaces.

Back to this weeks concept, the design is based on one of the Disneyland marketing photos of Walt actually inside the show building. I decided I really wanted to push my experimentation with frequency and dot angle when it came to halftones, not to mention it has a nice throw back look. I scaled the color of the photo back to a darker shade of the tee shirt color. On top of the photo I overlaid a graphic from a 1963 marketing piece that came from a simple 4 color brochure. 

I went back and forth on color combinations of this design. In the end I decided to keep the color palette 85% true to that simple 4 color brochure, while the colors don't necessarily harken the themes of Adventureland, they do hold true to my original inspiration. 

I could see the shirt paired with a nice pair of deep khaki cargo shorts and sported on a warm summer day. Well that does it for this weeks post. I hope all of you have a good week and see you back here real soon!