Sunday, September 2, 2012

Space Mountain

Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our Retro apparel line. This week, we'll be honoring Space Mountain, seeing how a plethora of new apparel paying homage to this time-honored attraction just hit Tomorrowland shelves.

My take on this classic attraction comes from Disneyland's Easter Weekend flyer. The back of the flyer showcased a contemporary Space Mountain logo along with some creative copy on when this new attraction would open. When I stumbled across this logo I knew I had to use my talents in illustrator and font-finding to recreate it!   

After recreating the logo and tracking down the main futuristic display font, I added some layers of strokes in various widths and of course some slight wear and tear to the design. I opted not to add any park logos to the concept because the design could be used universally at many of the different Disney Parks & Resorts.

Well that does it for this edition of our Retro '55/'71 apparel concept. Be sure to stop back next weekend for more fun Designerland offerings and thanks for stopping by. Have a swell week!