Monday, July 9, 2012

Retro '55

Welcome back to another Retro '71 concept here at Designerland.

When I first decided to showcase some of my ideas for Disney Theme Park apparel, my original intent was to focus solely on Walt Disney World. Why? At Disneyland, the buyers understand the demand for Disneyland nostalgia, and they’ve offered up some amazing retro products over the past ten years. You really had to dig to find similar retro merchandise at Walt Disney World—it wasn’t until 2010 that WDW really started to cater to this demand.

Through Retro '71, my intent was to create a line that celebrated the history of WDW, its attractions and the memories of the visitor experience. What I didn’t anticipate was that the West Coasters would feel so left out—I've received a few emails asking why I don't showcase concepts for Disneyland. It so happens that I’ve had several designs waiting in the wings and had planned on showcasing them when the time was right.

Well that time is today! Welcome to our first installment of Designerland's Retro '55 shirt concepts.

This week’s concept is based on the original Submarine Voyage attraction. More specifically, the shirt pays homage to the years in which Disneyland showcased live mermaids in the lagoon of the attraction. A simple 3 color, day glow palette sets the theme of this advertisement-like shirt, which honors those flourishing, fin-tastic beauties that once swam the lagoon.

Well that does it for this week’s concept. I really enjoyed designing this shirt, what do you guys think? I hope to see you back soon for more fun posts. Until next time, have a swell week!