Sunday, February 5, 2012


Welcome back to another edition of the Retro '71 Apparel Line. This week our Journey around the World Showcase almost comes to an end but before the adventure is complete we have two countries left to visit.  This week we'll be visiting China.

Look upon the splendor of the scene - an enchanted garden with bamboo, willows, lotus ponds, and meandering walkways set against a graceful backdrop of buildings with Oriental tiled roofs of blue, green and ochre, all framed by the great "Gate of the Golden Sun." We have arrived in China, ageless and enticing.

Let the "Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests" (modeled after the celebrated structure at the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing) beckon us, for inside it, the 8th century poet-storyteller Li Bai magically appears on screen to guide us on a magnificent journey - Wonders of China. Here we'll see rare views of the dramatic landscapes, architecture, and culture of China, even a glimpse inside the "Forbidden City."

And be certain to find the "Street of Good Fortune," for along it, a calligrapher will be happy to show you how your name looks when it's written in Chinese.

Once again following suit, this week’s design incorporates China's logo in a similar fashion as the previous shirts. The colors are inspired by the Chinese flag . Finishing the design is some slight wear and tear with a textured finish, which ties it into the branding and overall vision of the Retro '71 apparel line. 

But wait there's more to this weeks post!!! After doing my research and being inspired by the clever brochure copy I decided to create a companion piece for China, very much like my Canada post. For my second shirt I designed a tongue-in-cheek concept based on the "Street of Good Fortune" found within China's pavilion. 

I incorporated some cliche elements into this shirt but feel that it stays true to the vintage Retro '71 apparel line.  

Well that does it for this week’s edition of the Retro '71 World Showcase shirts. Looking forward to seeing you back here next Sunday as we delve into another attraction typography case study from the Magic Kingdom. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!