Sunday, July 10, 2011

Retro '71


This week’s Retro '71 shirt concept is the first in a series of six shirts that I will release over the next few weeks. While most of the shirts thus far in the line have focused on attractions and parks within the Disney World Resort, this week’s concept is something a bit different. The shirt design for this week is purely fan-based with a ton of Walt Disney World Resort history thrown in. The first design is based on the Ayefour Corporation. Maybe some of you out there aren’t sure what this has to do with Walt Disney World? The Ayefour Corporation was one of the six main faux companies Walt created in order to secretly purchase the land that would someday become the Vacation Kingdom of the World.
Since none of the paperwork or contracts for the land acquirement exist online (at least not that I could find anywhere), there wasn't any way for me to know what the Ayefour Corporation logo actually looked like. Since I don’t have any logos to recreate, I decided I would just have to create them myself.

When getting t-shirts printed for employees, most companies simply want their logo placed as a small badge on the left chest. I opted to blow the logo up and make the design a full front print so the shirt would fit in with the rest of the apparel line. I realize this design appeals to a fairly small niche—the concept behind these “employee” shirts is purely for Disney Dorks, and most of the guests that visit the parks probably wouldn't appreciate the designs on a gift shop shelf.

Well that does it for this week’s installment. I hope you like the next few shirts I have in store. I’ll unveil the last shirt in the series the Sunday before the D23 Expo. I'm so excited about the Expo and I hope to see and possibly meet some of my readers there. Until next time, have a super swell week!