Sunday, May 15, 2011

Retro '71


This week’s Retro '71 concept is based on one of my favorite attractions, Pirates of the Caribbean. What better timing than with the fourth installment of the Pirates film series opening this Friday? I've been awaiting this film ever since that fog started to roll in and the stage began to turn revealing none other than Jack Sparrow himself at the first D23 Expo.
I have many favorites when it comes to attractions within the Disney Parks, and usually it's a toss up between the Haunted Mansion and POTC. However, I had to ride one attraction over and over, it would be Pirates of the Caribbean, hands down!
I was raised on Walt Disney World's version until the summer of 2005 when I first got to experience the original at Disneyland. It blew my mind—it had additional scenes, extra drops and it was longer. If I could combine the facade and queue of Disney Word's Pirates with a carbon copy of Disneyland's ride, I think I would be in attraction heaven! The only problem would be the Blue Bayou—it's my favorite restaurant at Disneyland, but a southern plantation-style estate wouldn't fit in with the more Spanish look of Disney World's Pirates. I wouldn't be opposed to a different waterfront inside-dining experience appropriated for the attraction.

The artwork on this week’s apparel comes from the original POTC logo that was painted on the stucco walls of the attraction. It was also seen on matchbooks that one could acquire in Adventureland. The typeface is a modified version of Bookman Swash and if you've been following the Designerland Attraction typography case studies, you would know by now that the designers LOVED this typeface.
I roughened the edges of the logo and then placed a set of crossed pirate swords in the background to keep with the motif of the attraction. Once again, the shirt is a simple 2 color water based print with no underlay to give the ink that faded sun look, plus some of the usual distressed texture.

Well that's it for this week. I hope you all go out and see On Stranger Tides. I hope to see you back here soon for more Disney Designerland fun! Have a great week!