Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Thrilling Treat

As promised here's my special treat for those of you who have visited designerland and continue to do so: The Haunted Mansion Sound Board.

The Haunted Mansion Sound Board is a simple web application I created out of my appreciation for the classic attraction.  A web app will run SLOWER than a normal native app. The difference between a web app and a native app is that a web app is hosted and "lives" on the internet whereas a native app actually downloads and "lives" in your mobile device.

HEED THIS WARNING: The soundclips will take a while to download, I wish that they would load faster but unfortunately that's just how web apps work.

The Haunted Mansion Sound Board was developed for iphone users in mind but is supported by Google Android mobile devices as well.

For iphone users: using the internet on your phone go here: HMSoundBoard
Once the page loads click on the "Add to Bookmarks" icon. Now click the "Add to Home Screen" and the Haunted Mansion Sound Board icon should load. That's it.

For Google Android users: using the internet on your phone go here: HMSoundBoard
Bookmark the page. Now open the browser bookmarks screen, then long-press the bookmark you want, then select the add to home screen. 

The site will look odd if you just go to the link above on your desktop computer. The url/site is formatted to fit your mobile device's screen and the sounds will not work unless you're using Google Chrome and Safari.

Well I hope you guys enjoy it, if it weren't for copyright issues I would make it a native app in a bride's heart beat and publish it to the app store! If you like this app and don't mind it taking a while to load I have another Disney attraction sound board app in the wings ready to go!

Thanks again guys for coming to my blog! See you back here on Friday for a new Disney attraction typography case study!