Sunday, March 20, 2011

Designerland Update

Update: Yours truly has sent off his official D23 Fan Art Contest Submissions. For those of you who might not know, D23 is calling for entries for their Fan Art Contest for this upcoming D23 Expo. The theme of this year’s show is 101 Dalmatians in honor of the 50th anniversary of this time-honored full-length animated classic. Members can submit up to three different concepts in hopes of getting selected as one of 25 artists by Disney Archive Officials to showcase their artistic skills at the D23 Expo.
I really enjoyed participating in the first D23 Fab 5 Fan Art Contest. All three of my concepts were accepted into the show but I only picked one to fine-tune and send out. The reason I only picked that one is that I already had a piece that had been accepted into the D23 Donald Duck Tribute Contest. Also, it costs a bit of money to actually buy all the materials needed to pack the paintings up and ship them from Indiana to California, and sadly, I could only afford to send two paintings out. You might have seen my work if you attended the first D23 Expo. If not, here are my 2009 D23 paintings for your viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately, I did not win that coveted Duskster award, but my painting was published in the Winter 2009 D23 issue, so I still felt pretty honored. My Fab Five entry went on display in one of the Disney Archive offices for a short stint, which was rather flattering. I'm excited and hopeful that my concepts will be accepted into this year’s show. I will keep you posted—keep your fingers crossed for me.
Speaking of shows, I also got accepted into the 2nd Annual Unofficial Haunted Mansion Tribute show held by Halloween Town at the Parlour Gallery in Burbank. I've been working hard on my painting over the past week, and am really excited to showcase my work with some of the best macabre artists around. After the show opens, I'll be sure to post my painting on here for you folks to see. Until then, my concept will remain unseen.