Sunday, June 17, 2012

Main Street USA Part 3

Welcome back to Designerland's Typography Case Study. This weeks study is our conclusion of Main Street USA as I've had to break up the post into a three part series. So sit back and enjoy more of those fantastic fonts used by Disney designers.

As stated in the first Main Street Case Study, most of the fonts used on the thoroughfare are display fonts ranging in classifications such as Victorian, Script, Tuscan, Latin, Slab Serifs, Serifs, Edwardian, Ornamental, and so on, used for the various fictitious storefront shops.

Well that does it for the final installment. . .or does it? Main Street is ever evolving with the plussing of new signage and graphics. New fonts will be added yearly and I can't wait to track more down. In my research for this three part case study I was able to locate 68 fonts and just today I found a new one making it 69. I have over 100 reference photos of fonts I have yet to track down and will always be on the hunt. Look for updates. Well that about does it. Tune in next week as I spent the last three days working on some overdue offerings for Designerland. Until next time, have a great week. Thanks for stopping by.