Sunday, March 25, 2012

Retro '71


Welcome back to another edition of Retro '71, the shirts we all want but can't have. 

This weeks post came about when I was talking to one of my friends about the vintage Mickey Mouse shirt that's currently floating around the parks. I was sad to find out that the DDG only offered it in a female cut.  My friend and I talked about the vintage shirt sold back in the day that incorporated the retro Mickey face, the classic WDW logo and the castle icon. I knew I had to recreate it for Designerland. 

What's even more interesting is that JUST today someone tweeted me asking if I could recreate the design for them. I told them to check the blog tonight. I hope I did it justice!?!?!?

I decided to offer up two versions of the design because I didn't feel right just recreating only took 30 minutes to do so I had to challenge myself with a second concept where I slightly changed the colors and added some outer strokes and placed it on a new ground color. Let's face it, white tees are sometimes just blah (even if the design is amazing). I also added some vintage washing texture to complete the Retro '71 look. Personally I'd go with the original design, on a white tee with either red or black accenting neck and arm rings.

Well that does it for this weeks post. I have so many fun and interesting things in the works that I just can't find the time to get to those blasted typography case studies. Keep your fingers crossed and send some good vibes my way in hopes that a project I'm working on with a creative counter part get's the green light. Okay until next week, thanks for stopping by and see you soon!


  1. Hi! sorry I am sort of new to this site, I know that you made the Dole Whip tiki shirt available for purchase, I'm wondering . . is that shirt still available and is this shirt available? or are these t-shirt designs just that designs? I love and look forward to your postings every timne they're out. you are amazingly talented at what you do!

  2. Sean,

    Thanks for the compliments. As for my tiki pineapple whip shirt there are no
    plans of doing a reprint at this time but you can always snatch up the new concept I did for the Disney parks! As for my other concepts they are just ideas I have floating around in my head. A dream theme park wardrobe if you will. Also I use the blog as a sort of in progress portfolio in my goals of one day working for Disney theme park merchandise. Once again thanks for the comments and support.

  3. Richard,

    Thanks so much for responding!!! I probably should've just emailed but eh. Well if you ever do decide to do a reprint of the tiki dole-whip shirt I'm all over that one, alas I am not as fond of the new design as I am the original, not that the new one isn't awesome, because it is, but the original design works so well.

    Anyhow, I'm sure your day with Disney Merchandise is coming,there's no way that they can't be looking at your work and not be blown away by it.


  4. LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! Wish Disney would hire you so that your fans could actually wear your fabulous designs!