Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Cause for Celebration

In celebration of Disneyland's Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar which opened two days ago, I've designed this:

You all should know by now that I'm a huge sucker for all things tiki. I'm counting down the days until the D23 Expo so I can experience this new tropical treasure first hand. I have a feeling it'll be my nightly dive during the entire trip. My goal is to try as many of their potable Polynesian potions and various Bali Hai brews. If you're gonna be attending the Expo and you want to tackle a volcano bowl with me be sure to hit me up or follow me on twitter, oh and don't forget to click on the picture above!


  1. well done! I'll take one of those wax plates please!

  2. Thanks much for this! Love the art work and the music selection. The new "trader Sam's" is pretty amazing and the drinks are great!
    I also cant wait for D23!

    Thanks again for creating this!

  3. Was at TS's tonight - Think Enchanted Tiki Room meets the Jungle Cruise, with a fully stocked bar... good fun!

  4. Trader Sam's is amazing! Thanks again for Soundtrack can't wait for Vol. 2. When you're at Trader Sams order a Backside of Water. Not all the bartenders know how to make it but essentially its a Schwitzer Falls with a shot of Pyrate Rum. Seriously my favorite drink there.

  5. Is the actual list of songs from the bar, or just a homegrown inspired playlist?

  6. What a TREAT. Thanks so much for this great effort. Can't wait to explore the rest of your blog. I'm the guy who took his 2-year-old granddaughter to the TIKI Room and scared her to death. Now she laughs about it (whew!). All the best to you.


  7. Will there ever be a Trader Sam's Tropical Sounds of Tiki vol. 2?

    1. Possibly, this album was just a comp inspired by the bar, not the actual soundtrack. I may get around to doing a vol. 2 when I have some free time.