Sunday, January 30, 2011

Retro 71

This week’s Retro 71 shirt concept is taken from another one of my favorite Walt Disney World Resort brochures.

The shirt design (recreated in Illustrator) comes directly from the front cover of the 1983 EPCOT CENTER map. This brochure is one of the most extravagant park guides that the Walt Disney World Resort has ever created. The graphics within the map are stylized in a simple, yet futuristic way. Some say the color palette is retro, but I believe the brochure’s designers looked to those spotlights that cast the brilliant color combinations upon Spaceship Earth at night for their inspiration.


 What really sets this brochure apart from any we see today is the interactive element. Considering all the emphasis on interactive products in today's theme parks, it's amazing to see that back in 1983, they could make a simple map so interactive, not to mention fun. Within the map there's a wheel that guests could spin to see what each pavilion had to offer. I wish they would continue to produce keepsake guides today that would also end up collector’s items down the road. Granted, a brochure this complex would cost more money to produce than the standard double-sided, folded single-sheet. Clearly, having Kodak as a sponsor for the 1983 EPCOT brochure expanded the budget.

As of late, Disney Theme Park merchandise has been capitalizing on the retro theme in their EPCOT merchandise. Each year it seems they release another fun, nostalgic shirt design, so I figured I'd better throw in my design before my concept becomes passé. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it. Next week’s Retro 71 concept is something completely new and kind of exciting. I look forward to seeing you then.


  1. This is awesome - are you selling it anywhere?

  2. Thanks man. Nope alas I am not selling it anywhere for the moment. Copyright issues and the like. I'm trying to figure out how I can go about making my shirts. I work in the apparel industry at a screen printing house so I know how to make it, it's just getting the rights to be able to make it. Maybe soon. Who knows...

  3. Love the shirt!
    I just saw they are making a Vinylmation of the same design
    I wish they would make shirts, too. You did a great job!

  4. Thanks...yeah like I said in my post, I thought I'd better jump on it before the design becomes passe. LOL! Glad you like my designs though. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Bummer. That was my fear when I didn't see a "purchase" link - that there were copyright issues involved. Well, here's hoping that you figure out a way to legally sell it - let me know if you do!

  6. This design is definitely stellar!

    As Jeff pointed out above, there is a Vinylmation based on this design and I am very glad to have it in my collection. Great work!

    - John.