Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Welcome back to Designerland. Yes, I's been ages since I've posted anything. Life does carry on and between my full time job, freelance clients and renovating a home there's not enough hours in the day for font finding and other fun stuff. Granted, I have enough shirt concepts in the wings to last me until next Christmas but I just can't keep posting that. I'm not a one trick pony, there's many tricks up this magician's sleeve.

Speaking of fonts, I just locked into snatching up a ton of new photos from Epcot and hope to continue our Designerland Typography Tour of Epcot Center come late this fall. In the mean time here's a new shirt concept based on one of my favorite parades, SpectroMagic.

The main logo of the parade along with the Mickey globe icon and original WDW Resort logo have all been treated with a vintage "Hamilton Type" letterpress like look. The color palette is a simple 2 color, over print method in aqua and carrot orange. I was channeling my inner Kevin and Jody when I picked this palette out.

 Well that does it for this installment. Tune in soon for more fun Designerland offerings.