Monday, February 25, 2013

Back by popular demand!

The votes are in and Concept D of the new Tiki Pineapple Whip tee is the fan favorite! Thanks to all who voted. To celebrate I'm now taking presale orders on the new tee!

Since the end of the last tiki whip sale two years ago, I've received daily emails asking for the reprint of the original. I never knew that 2 years later people would still be asking for the shirt. Now is your time to act because I don't know if I'll revisit the design again...maybe in another two years I'll be singing a different tune. LOL!

I recommend ordering a few. Think of friends, family, holidays and birthdays because once I'm done with presales I won't be taking any additional orders.

You have from now until March 24th (sale ends at Midnight EST) to order, if you have any questions please contact me at my gmail account.

You can CLICK HERE to order or simply click on the side banner over to the RIGHT.

Mahalo and thanks again for the support! Look for new Designerland content coming soon.


  1. Great work Richard! They look great, as always!

  2. Amazing! Just as an FYI, Disneyland is still selling your orignal Tiki Pineapple Whip (yellow) tee at the Adventureland Bazaar.

  3. Ok... in the other thread I called you cruel. Then I saw that you have decided to do a run of shirts! So, I came to take back what I said.

    Then I saw you were offering *four* options... and now I think we're back to cruel. I guess I have until the 24th to decide which and how many. This will be hard, too many good choices... the ringer tee/hems pick up the design colors really well... the baseball shirt is unique to anything I've seen... the "original" is classic... sigh...

  4. @Todd... Just get one (or more) of each. That's what I'm doing.

  5. day too late. damn.

  6. Bahhh...arrgghhhhh too late...maybe next decade!

    1. Where have you been? I took pre-sales for a month....I may have a few extras, hit me back at the end of next month to see!

  7. I cant believe that I missed this one again!!!!! Why am I not getting updates? Any chance there are some still available?