Sunday, February 26, 2012

Concept Design

This weeks post was to start a 3 part series on the typography of Main Street but that will have to wait for a few more weeks. While I have more than 85% of the fonts and typefaces found I have not had time to work on a the posters and write up.

Instead I figured I'd showcase the second edition to the fine writing pen set I did for the Haunted Mansion, which I posted a few weeks back.

After designing the Haunted Mansion pen set the I design a series for the Pirates of the Caribbean.


So what do you think? With the 45th Anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean right around the corner would you through down to have this pen set?


  1. Everything is perfect with this pen set except for the Disneyland resort logo on the bottom of the package. That is the much hated logo that was introduced when DCA opened. Thankfully it has been gone back to the famouse gothic Disneyland logo with the world resort added.

  2. That's not actually part of the pen design/art so no worries there. At the time these designs were created this was the logo you found on theme park packaging. I had mentioned that these pen concepts were from the vaults. ;)