Sunday, January 29, 2012

In the Wild

I'd like to thank the Disney duo Ian and Ian (aka The Ian's) for snapping this picture for me while at Disneyland! The Ian's were Walt Disney Imagineer's ImagiNations Design Contest winner's and personal close friends of mine. Probably two of the coolest Canadian's I know. Thanks for snapping the picture guys and shooting it my way and of course for the support! Hope we can tackle the parks again soon!

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  1. Dear Richard,

    I am a first time visiter to your site and just saw the Tiki Pineapple shirts and was amazed. And in the same night was disappointed to see that you are no longer selling them. My wife is a HUGE pineapple whip fan and wanted to get her one for our anniversary and recent trip to Disney World. If you can fine it in your heart to make just one more for her that would be amazing, but if not, that is fine. Also are you selling any more of your shirt designs? I love the world showcase shirts.