Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hollywood Tower Birthday

In honor of the original Twilight Zone Tower of Terror's birthday, I've made this small gift for all my readers. This was actually an assignment in one of my intro to design classes back in college: the dreaded album cover redesign. Rather than simply recreating an existing album, I decided to design something new based on one of my favorite attractions within the Disney Parks. While the Tower of Terror has an existing soundtrack that plays within the lobby of the hotel, I looked deeper into the attraction’s storyline.

Two of my favorite things are Halloween and Disney, so when Imagineers combine these two into one amazing attraction, the result is pure bliss for a dork like me. The one thing I find odd is that within the hotel, there aren’t many references to the specific day when lightning struck the elevator shaft, Halloween Night. I did a bit of armchair imagineering and come up with a small decorative overlay for the inside lobby for the Halloween season: faded, torn crepe paper streamers, orange and black glittered party hats covered in layers of dust, rotted pumpkins, deflated balloons, confetti, sequined black masks and so on. The general idea is that since it was Halloween night, the Tip Top Club would have hosted a masquerade party. So what kind of music would they have played at Halloween within the Hotel? Out of that one question came The Hollywood Tower Hotel presents Haunted Halloween Hits.

Why post this now rather than save it for the Halloween season? My answer is simply this: there are only 100 days left until my favorite Holiday, and it's better to be prepared than sorry!!!! Be sure to click on the picture!