Sunday, May 8, 2011

Poster Design

So I'm really missing my normal Case Study posts. It's been hard to pull myself away from them and actually focus on my painting. The good news is that I've made progress! When my painting is in a drying stage I jump on the computer and work on some new designs for the blog... this week I've created two attraction posters in my down time. What do you guys think? Would you like to see more?

 Okay back to the painting. Tune in tomorrow for a new Retro '71 concept.


  1. Awesome!!! Yes, would love to see more!

    Mr. Toad perhaps?

  2. I think a Jungle Cruise poster would go great with these two.

  3. I've actually started the jungle cruise design!!! Good call!

  4. I really want to buy the Jungle Cruise and the 2,000 Leagues Under the Sea posters. Please tell me they are for sale somewhere!