Sunday, January 9, 2011

Retro 71

Today's bonus post is another concept design for my faux apparel line, Retro 71. Retro designs have their place in the world of Disney, especially in the consumer products division. As for theme park merchandise, they've really begun to exploit this with the vintage Epcot Center and the recently revamped classic Mickey Mouse shirts.  Disneyland's merchandising department releases more products with the flair of nostalgia than Walt Disney World's, which is most likely due to the annual passholders vs. first time vacationears debate.

Once again playing with the idea of retro (hence the name Retro 71), I recreated the Fantasyland logo from the 1981 Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom brochure. I replaced Merlin, who was used in conjunction with the logo, with a vintage image of Tinkerbell.


Out of all the logos Disney has ever used to brand Fantasyland, the 1981 logo has been my favorite by far. The type treatment is simply stunning. The 1981 brochure is one of my all time favorites and I still have a copy from my childhood to this day—you can't imagine how many times I would open up the center spread map and just stare at it and dream. The watercolor washes of the "Licorice Pizza" style artwork would whisk me away to vacations yet to be had, adventures yet to come.

I love the notion of simplicity when it comes to design, especially in apparel design. Today's market is over-saturated with highly designed, over distressed shirts: case in point, Affliction and Ed Hardy apparel. Granted these companies have made their mark—not to mention money—on the over designed, everything-but-the-kitchen-
sink on a shirt look. Personally, I feel a backlash is impending when it comes to apparel design. Currently we're beginning to see the “less is more” concept. The trend right now is large, oversized printed designs with the use of creative fonts and sayings. Also, we're seeing color usage at a minimum – only one or two colors are being used which drives the cost down in the manufacturing process. As for Disney, they have a multitude of designs when it comes to theme park apparel in order to reach a broader demographic. I just hope to see more retro designs in their upcoming product lines in the near future.

Look forward to seeing you back here this Friday! Once again thanks for visiting and have swell day!!!