Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Welcome to a special Designerland post. As many of you already know, the Disney Parks blog announced more of the Special Edition Epcot 30th Anniversary merchandise, and Designerland’s concepts for the World Showcase shirts have made it into the product line! If you haven't seen the article, then click the below picture and give it a read:

Two years ago during the D23 Expo, I stumbled upon a WDW opening day brochure in the collector’s forum. I picked up the black and white brochure, flipped through the pages and found an entire series of Epcot icons for the World Showcase I had never seen before. I knew instantly that these one-color logos needed to be honored through ink on cotton! I threw down the 30 bucks for the brochure. When I ran into my friend Erica later that day, I was so excited about the idea that I wanted to tell her right there on the expo floor, but instead, I decided to wait.

When I got back to Indiana and sat down to start scanning and recreating, I wondered why these logos hadn’t been used sooner. After I unveiled the series here on Designerland, Disney contacted me and wanted to take the designs I had done since Epcot’s 30th Anniversary was just around the corner. Disney did want to change the colors up a bit and add the two pavilions I had yet to showcase on my blog. Since the brochure I’d used for reference actually pre-dated these two pavilions, the good folks at Disney contacted the archives and found the logos I needed. 

It's surreal to think that finding one little brochure would turn into this. I want to thank all my followers and readers who supported the shirts when I first posted them here at Designerland, and of course, the amazing folks I worked with at Disney for seeing the potential and listening to the fans. I hope you enjoy the designs!