Saturday, August 11, 2012

In the Wild 2012

This week two fellow followers and supporters of Designerland sent in photos of them sporting the classic Tiki Pineapple Whip Shirt!

Cori sent this in and said this is how a true fan gets ready for school . . .

Dan D. also sent this jaunty picture of him in the shirt at the parks....

Thanks for sending this in guys and for the support! In other news a Jungle Cruise skipper reported seeing a family of four in the parks yesterday all wearing the shirts! Glad to hear you guys are still enjoying the shirt. Be sure to check in tomorrow for an all new Retro '55 Disneyland Shirt Concept.


  1. We were that family! We were at Disneyland this week and sat right up by the Skipper who used our yellow shirts for a banana joke.

    Still getting all kinds of compliments from guests and cast members alike!

    1. I KNEW IT! When they told me about it I was like it had to be the Crossmans! I almost posted that here but wasn't sure! I wish I had a new picture of the family from your latest trip! Once again thanks for all the support!

  2. Please please please bring it back? I'll be in for around 5 at least if you do!