Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Look for a New Year

Thoughts? It took me some time to get Bookman Swash to work for me when designing the new logo. Overall I think it's a nice homage to the Magic Kingdom logo.


  1. haha! That's funny...I took inspiration from that Magic Kingdom logo too! xD Had it since October lol

    But I'm thinking about changing the logo/layout soon. I want something cleaner. Just a funny coincidence!

    1. That's funny. Never heard of your blog until just now.

      Similar content ;).

      I have another logo and branding done but opted for this design because I'm partial to the tencennial. I'm gonna save the other branding for next year I think.

      I enjoy your monorail'll really like my monorail typography study when it comes out. I've had the font palette waiting in the wings for some time. It'll be released once the Magic Kingdom case studies are finished. Stay tuned!