Monday, November 14, 2011

In the wild...continued

Here are a few more fellow Designerland followers sporting their amazing Tiki Pineapple Whip shirts.
Thanks for the support and sending these fun photos my way! Mahalo!



  1. Who's that good looking guy with the Dolwhip float? Oh ya me! LOL! I wore my shirt on the Saturday of the 40th anniversary. I saw no less than 3 other guests wearing the same great shirt. Can't wait until you produce your next one!

  2. Made it to Disneyland last week, for the first time in 3 years, and what did I see in the Haunted Mansion? A man wearing a Tiki Pineapple Whip shirt! Great to see them in the wild:)

  3. I'm thinking about a new design. The fans have been asking me daily for a reprint of the tiki pineapple whip shirt for the holidays but alas I'm just too busy to do it. Possibly after the holiday I may think of a new design for the fans...

    Nathan that's killer you saw the shirt in the wild. I love seeing them in the wild as well.