Sunday, September 4, 2011

Retro '71

Welcome back to another installment of the Retro '71 apparel line. Last week kicked off our World Showcase series and we'll continue our journey as we make our way around the World Showcase Lagoon, counter clockwise.
Our first stop is Canada. Our tour takes us from a Northwest Indian Village to the chateau in Ottawa and through the quaint streets of Quebec. You can experience the awesome majesty of the Northern wilderness with its soaring rock mountains, rushing streams, cool pines, and cascading water. Footpaths and bridges take you through a simulated mountain gorge. Along the way, enter the "Moosehead Mine" where you can relax while you are visually whisked away on a glorious tour of Canada through the magic of Circle-Vision 360. There are statuesque totem poles, Indian and Eskimo craft shops to explore, and at the end of the trail, the beauty of Victoria Gardens. Everything is designed to let you experience the spirit of America's neighbor to the north.

I opted to do two different designs for this week, mainly for my good friend who is Canadian and a big time Epcot Center fan. He just recently moved to the States along with his wife so that he could pursue his life's dream to work for Disney. These designs are for him.
The first design I came up with is based on the Moosehead Mine theatre inside the Canada pavilion. I tried to approach the shirt in a retro "summer camp" way. The design incorporates the main Canada and World Showcase logos along with a simple icon of a moose's head and the name of the mine. The colors are simple shades of red with white to pay homage to Canada's colors.  The second design once again incorporates the two logos in order to keep the branding constant, coordinated, and cohesive. I kept the colors the same on this design as well, but I decided to go with a different color option for the garment.


That concludes the latest additions to our vacation wear with a vintage flair. Hope you all enjoy your holiday off and be sure to tune in Friday for another installment of our attraction typography case studies. Thanks for dropping by.